Saturday, October 9, 2010

Its on

Yep, its official. In about two months its officially going to be time to start obsessing. I have seen Shockey and others prepare for this, and I am guessing that come March and April this blog will be a mess of rambling, questioning, riding, re-questioning, and eventually settling on all types of thing as I prepare for the new biggest goal in life: finishing Transiowa.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Goings on

In the middle of a very busy work schedule I am finally taking time to just update and organize. I realized that between the car debacle, Gnomefest, new jobs, and my laziness I have gotten chubbier. Nothing bad, maybe ten pounds heavier than I was last year this time. If I want to be successful, which doesn't necessarily mean winning, in cyclocross this year then I need to shed that little bit of extra Adam that is slowing me down. CX season started for me in Altoona last Sunday. One of my best friends, Tanner, got married on Saturday (congrats) and we raged all night long and most of Sunday morning, and so my race was more of a ride. It was good to get some experience dismounting and remounting, jumping barriers, and feeling out the new bike, but I was in no shape to race and probably finished last, I dunno. Wanda hooked it up with a new HOT Q7 jersey and so at least my outfit looked good. Kevin and Eppen went crazy and dominated. Kev barely held him off in a SS vs geared uphill sprint finish...gears won. I sat on the hill and watched, then crossed as the third man to finish the race, down "x" laps. Good experience, bad race. I also got to see a bunch of cool people I hadn't seen in a while, so that is a big positive. I started a fund for a new Salsa Spearfish. It involves selling my set of Edge Composites wheels, Waltworks 6 speed cassette, Soul Cycle Dillinger, Fox F29 fork and other stuff, as well as that is where all of my tips go. I have been talking about an 80mm travel full squish for a while and then Salsa, as usual, unveiled something awesome: the Spearfish. Named after the town where the Dakota 5-0 (an awesome race) is held, and having exactly 80 mm of travel, and coming in at a very respectable weight, AND looking super hot, the Spearfish is now my object of lust. A bike like this makes me re-excited for races like Levis Trow after they just physically dominated me on a rigid ss. Now I just have to figure out how to get one.

Night Nonsense is coming up WAY to fast. I have a lot of the route still to plan out, and cue sheets to figure out. This is going to get interesting. I haven't put much time on the bike in the last few weeks, but this may be the spark I need to force me on the bike and scout the route. Wish me luck, I hope anyone reading this is coming.