Sunday, January 31, 2010

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for January 31st First century of the year

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for January 31st First century of the year

Gravel century done

GAWD! I had a wonderful post all done and ready and I was uploading pictures and then Agent went kamikaze style on the power cord and unplugged the computer... baw. So here is my best second effort: The first gravel century of the year is done and was a success. I rode the Eriksen and Steve McGuire rode with me, both on singlespeeds. Just under eight and a half hours of actual riding time. Steve is an awesome person to ride with. He is so inspirational/motivational, and helps my po' ass out with equipment... saddlebag, pogies. This was awesome to get a full one in during January because it keeps me in the running for 1200 miles in 12 months (at least one full a month). It is also one step closer to my year goal, which is 20 full offroad/gravel centuries, and 30 metrics (62 miles). I think I will get at least 5 fulls from events I'm registered in, and 4 or 5 metrics. It is a big goal but I am excited for it. This is going to be a big year. No super suckfest interactions with cars, great group of people to ride with, great support crew to put up with me (Karen, Agent, Maj y Paj...George). Also there is something possibly in the works that could provide me with a whole other level of motivation and excitement for the season, hopefully that works out. Not to bad for a much less inspired second version. This ride included: 100.2 miles of mostly gravel with some unfortunate paved section, 1 sweet level b road, 3000 ft of elevation gain, 9096 calories burned, 1 slice of pizza, 1 cheeseburger, 1 Mtn Dew throwback, 3 pop-tarts, 2 red bulls, 4 beef sticks, 1 larabar, x+1 number of awesome conversations with Steve, 1 epic snow-beard 8.5 hours of fun riding the bike. Postride saw: 1 large buffalo chicken sloppy joe, 1 box of mac and cheese (regular elbow style), and a half gallon of chocolate milk.

p.s. The saddlebag I used was from
Carousel Design Works. It is really nice and has a super large capacity which makes using it for long rides really sweet. I want a framebag of theirs...someday.

Check the pics:

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sunday Century prep

Preparations for tomorrow's century ride with Steve McGuire are basically done. I changed out my rear cog to give me a 32x16 gearing and installed a Niner carbon fork and Stan's Raven tires. Should be an interesting ride: first long ride since Triple D and I haven't been on the bike beyond commuting since surgery on the 11th. The route goes around Oxford, Amana, Walford, Swisher, Ely, West Branch and back home. Figured we'd stay somewhat around the I.C. area in case I blow up and die. Also this is the first "real" ride on the Eriksen since I got it. Due to the expense and hopeful love of the bike I decided that it would be the bike for Dirty Kanza and possibly CIRREM. The bike is getting the full on winter set-up with pogies, epic saddle bag holding clothes, and feed bag. It will also be my first usage of my Garmin Edge 605 and Magicshine 900 light (hopefully not too much light usage). Full report to come postride, and apparently going back to back by riding Monday with Shockey. Excitement...only downside is missing cyclocross world championships but oh well I guess, the miles must be put in and I need a 100 in January for Cup o' Dirt.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Technically this is my first post

Alright so, blogging... well here is the plan: 2010 is going to make up for the suckfest that was 2009 cycling-wise. Main goals this year will include staying as far from cars as possible and finishing my first 200 mile race, 100 mtb race, and attempting to log a 100 mile gravel/mtb ride at least once each month. That will be my ride for this and many years to come. It is a custom geometry titanium Kent Eriksen 29er. Singlespeed only and will be run with and without a suspension fork and with Edge Composites carbon rims (bitchin'). I am really excited to see how far and long I can push this bike, and hopefully it acts as constant motivation for me. Unfortunately I will definitely not be able to blame it on the bike this year. This year is a big step for me as I am starting to try and tackle the endurance side of mountain biking. I have a awesome group of guys that I get to ride with that are going to push me every ride...and by "push me" I mean "will constantly be in front of me and I will be dying just to keep up". Luckily for me guys like Shockey and Robnett exist, and the same to be said about people like Steve to put wild ideas about things like the Great Divide race in my head... 2700 miles, are you kidding me? This blogging stuff isn't so hard, maybe i'll keep at it.

New blog

Ok, so, I have decided to start a blog. It will mostly be bikes: bike part reviews, random info, cool things I find, craving bikes and parts, but also just other things that I want to post. Mostly bike stuff though. Really, if you aren't into bikes you may not want to read my blog... unless you like pro wrestling then just e-mail me and we can chat it up.