Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

First I have a few random tidbits:
  • I just recently noticed that Tim Ek put my blog up on his list. That is pretty cool. If you don't know Tim, he is a Salsa team rider who does very well at WEMS races, and very well in gravel endurance, top ten at Dirty Kanza.
  • Gnomefest was awesome. I will write about it from the perspective of someone who didn't ride, but still had a great time.
  • Arm and body feel good after healing up from the wreck. New parts for the bike are getting installed on Thursday, and Kevin is going to help fit me up. New Salsa Promoto Ti stem and Salsa Woodchipper bars will change position a bit.

So for people who don't know, this past month has been different than any month of my life. I am now working at Jimmy John's by day, and Airliner by night. I deliver sandwiches, salads, burgers, and pizzas all by bike. This also means that for the first time in my employment life I do not work at a bike shop, apparently a 25 year old with 10 years of experience and a fiery passion for cycling isn't worth keeping on staff. I am really enjoying making people see another situation where a bike is a viable option to replace a car and not suffer too bad. My area is roughly 320 square blocks, six south, ten north, east, and west (20x16). At Airliner that area increases. I also love getting a ride in everyday. Most days I get in at least 12 miles riding as fast as I can. A day I worked JJ in the day and Airliner at night I rode 39 miles by the time I got home. I started on the Crosscheck set-up single. It worked well, but I wanted my ss gravel bike to still be a more gravel focused bike, and didn't want it to have a rack on it. Then it became obvious: Pugsley. Most overbuilt delivery bike in history? Possibly. It rides awesome, the front rack is a Civia and it came from Geoff's. Despite my feelings about the events leading up to no longer working there, Geoff's is still my definite go to place for bike purchases, and for Kevin's professional fitting. Hit me up if you need sandwiches by day, or pizza by night. Also we are just about one month out from Night Nonsense 100 and things are still shaping up well. I could use a volunteer or two to make me really happy, but I think it will be an awesome time. Now I want to try and figure out how to head over to DM for one of the nights of Renegade Cross, and see some friends. Check out the view from the cockpit; this is what I look at for five hours some days.


  1. Nice... The Pug is cool. Glad you're feelin' better, my brother.


  2. Hey, I've always wanted to get paid for riding my bike. Everytime my wife and I go to a big city I tell her I wish I was a bike messenger. You're doin' it and stayin' in shape for your JOB! So cool. Glad you're feelin' better, I couldn't believe when I read that story about the "crash". I've commuted year round every day for about 7 years now and I always wonder when my time will come (fingers crossed). Keep your head on a swivel out there, people just don't see us on our bikes.


  3. Nice, I've delivered here in Omaha at Jimmy John's for the past 3.5 years. I'm sure you will enjoy it!